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Karuizawa Wedding Photography Tour

At some recommended spots in Karuizawa our professional photographer and hair and makeup artist will bring your best and take the best shot in an outstanding view.
“Karuizawa Wedding Photography Tour” covers all the things-photography, costumes, hair and makeup, lunch or dinner party, and accommodation according to one person, couple, family, and desired situation.
Optional additions and original orders are also accepted, and all can be completed online from consultation till the day of shooting.

For more information, please visit our site below.

◇ Check “ the Produce Page” for more information about the price of the photo wedding plan and details.

◇ The gallery (JP site) introduces shoots photography of the visited places and costumes for the photo weddings.

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About Juno Wedding

Juno Wedding create magical, unforgettable experiences and a fully custom-made wedding for you both in Karuizawa that is one of the breathtaking resort having beautiful nature and culture in Japan.

Requests from overseas can also be smoothly accepted and set up a meeting by email or online meeting.

Let us hear your wishes.

About Juno Wedding

Juno’s speciality

Karuizawa Wedding

〜In a beautiful nature〜

I am a professional wedding planner born and raised in Karuizawa, using my knowledge and experiences in Karuizawa. We can produce the wedding plan that is combined with beautiful nature and culture in Karuizawa.
With our service, we are able to provide and prepare everything and anything you would like to get such as food, drinks, costumes, flowers, accessories, and also photographs.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Karuizawa Wedding


Produced by Juno Wedding

Juno Wedding will produce a completely personalized wedding in Karuizawa that weaves beautiful nature and historic culture.

We will guide you through
“Total Produce” that supports everything from concept makeup, item consultation and arrangements, venue proposals, schedule management, and the presence on the day.
“Advice & Support Plan” that supports only where necessary according to the case and consultation.
“Photo Wedding” in the beauty of the four seasons in Karuizawa.

We will also accept local coordination depending on various orders from wedding production companies in Japan and overseas and others.

Price & Workflow


Explore the portfolio for images of our producing.

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You can check the inside stories of wedding preparations that Junko Aoki has supported or her time outside of planning weddings, such as with her childhood friends and buddies in Karuizawa here in blog and social networks.

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