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Junko Aoki is a professional wedding planner who specializes in truly unique custom-made wedding for your ideal one in Karuizawa.


Junko Aoki

Born:Karuizawa, Japan.
Alma mater:Karuizawa high school
International Language School in Tokyo
Language School in Hamilton, Vancouver and Whistler,Canada
Worked for ski & snowboard rental shop in Whistler, Canada

Starting a career as a wedding planner

Worked for “members-only” French restaurant in Karuizawa 2004-2011
Worked for Wedding producing company in Tokyo-Became the founder and creative director of Juno Wedding since 2012
Engaged in the founding and start-up of “Museum wedding” and established a style of “Painting Wedding at the museum ” in Karuizawa in 2013
Produced Yayoi Kusama exhibition press preview “Two Bonds-Six Solo Exhibits”
Produced “Museum mock wedding” at the press conference
Produced “Mock wedding tour” inviting museum bloggers
Produced “Arts wedding reception” for the couple that bride is an art teacher

Junko Aoki has engaged in producing extraordinary weddings, receptions, and wedding parties in various places and styles such as stadium weddings, garden weddings, hometown weddings, hotels, and Ryokan(Japanese inns), as well as/not only in Nagano prefecture, but also/ in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa.

Currently based in Karuizawa, while traveling back and forth between Karuizawa and Tokyo, she produces Karuizawa weddings and photo weddings that make use of her entire experiences as a wedding planner and strengths of being born and living in Karuizawa, such as familiarity, knowledge, and networks.


As a freelance wedding planner

After coming back from Canada, I helped my friend’s wedding that made me recall the princess in the carriage I saw in Karuizawa when I was little and convinced “That was a bride!
The experience led me to the wedding industry.

The days until today when I got so much smile and love from our couples and laughed and shed stirring tears together are my treasures.

As a freelance wedding planner, as drawing out honest feelings of you two and your family, I offer and produce an original bespoke wedding with the heartfelt messages of “Thank you so far” and “Thank you for your continuous support” to the important persons from you two who were shy and could not be conveyed.
Requests from overseas

We will be willing to flexibly respond your requests so that you can fully enjoy Karuizawa wedding during your stay in Japan, such as pre wedding photoshoot + dinner party only for the bride, groom and family.

Feel free to contact us.