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“We do not propose from the ceremony at Juno Wedding”

Instead of getting ready for marriage from an existing plan at a ceremonial hall or venue, we will start preparing for marriage from a thoroughly hearing to the two of us!
The style of wedding at Juno Wedding is very flexible.
“Such a wedding was a dream …” I would like to shape the ideal wedding in everyone together. I want to realize a wedding that I had never had before. With that kind of thought, I am able to help you.

Wedding Photography

Karuizawa Pre Wedding Photography Tour

Karuizawa will show us a beautiful appearance every season. There are Karuizawa that we would like you to know throughout the year, because it will become the land of two important memories of the future.
We propose photo wedding and location shooting in a special spot that you want to visit at that time you know because you were born and raised in Karuizawa. Why do not you deepen your memories at Karuizawa?

  • Although I do not do a wedding ceremony, I want to stick to just the memorial photos.
  • I went to the wedding in other places, but I would like to take pictures differently.
  • Although I married long ago, I want to leave a picture of the memorial again on my wedding anniversary.

We will assist you by suggesting high quality wedding photo shooting such as coordination of beautiful location spots for seasons and time, arranging photographers, dresses, arranging hair makeup etc.
Please consult Juno Wedding who is familiar with Karuizawa for important photos leaving a memorable scene.


Karuizawa Wedding

Karuizawa Wedding

“Listen to the people of the land about that land” Please ask me anything from Karuizawa born wedding planner!

I would like to have a wedding ceremony at Karuizawa, but what
kind of wedding ceremony can be …? Where is the venue where their hope come true?

If you are in trouble preparing Karuizawa Wedding, please do not hesitate to consult us. There is Karuizawa Wedding for the two who can propose because it is “JunoWedding” from Karuizawa, not in magazines or websites.

Original wedding ceremony starting from a thorough listening

“We do not propose from the venue at Juno Wedding.”

Instead of getting ready for marriage from the existing plan of the ceremony hall or the venue, we will start preparing for marriage from a thoroughly hearing to the two of us! The style of wedding in Karuizawa is very free.
A wedding of a stay type that you enjoy the charm of Karuizawa which you can not tell by just one day, a wedding only for a family, a two-part wedding ceremony that divided friends and relatives, a natural wedding at a plateau restaurant, a camp We can suggest various Karuizawa weddings at Juno Wedding, such as outdoor wedding in the field.

Karuizawa Wedding to express gratitude

Among “free” weddings, consideration and hospitality to guests is most important.
For example, I would like to call my favorite grandpa and grandma but I want a wedding ceremony at a venue with many steps and stairs, an outdoor wedding, but my family is not good at outdoor · · · etc. Wedding to meet someone else Rather than doing it, do not you feel satisfied with the wedding that everyone will be delighted with? As a professional, Juno Wedding will propose a special Karuizawa wedding that is appropriate for your wedding, thoroughly hearing the requests of two people, the family, the situation of the guest etc.

Proposing a delicious Karuizawa wedding with local production

A delicious meal at a wedding ceremony is an important point that impresses a “nice wedding”.
You can enjoy the admiration and the children as well as the guests, as you can see the feelings of the creators, the highland vegetables that took advantage of the Karuizawa climate and the foods with the greatest ingredients at that time.

Not only for wedding ceremonies, also introduce the charm of plus α’s Karuizawa!

Karuizawa station and wedding ceremonies are just a waste of time!
We will also introduce you to all the guests of Karuizawa full of charm that you can enjoy even after the wedding ceremony. For example, you can create golf, tennis, cycling after a wedding ceremony, booklet that summarizes recommended pension, cafe, restaurant, spot etc etc while consulting with two people.
Through the wedding ceremony at Karuizawa, I would like you to make my memories at Karuizawa guest more enjoyable.

Maternity Wedding

Maternity bride’s happy convenience

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, beautiful Karuizawa, Tokyo from Nagano Shinkansen 70 minutes and excellent access! Unlike distant resort areas, you can reduce the burden of traveling by maternity brides.
And, compared with the Tokyo metropolitan area, the annual average temperature in summer is low, it is easy to spend even in the summer wedding! Karuizawa wedding charm is also easy for guests to invite, both travel time and transportation costs are reduced.

Karuizawa origin & living strength

We are worried about poor physical condition from the tension of the wedding … …. I’m from Karuizawa and have been researching a reliable local hospital.
Please do not hesitate to contact us anything. In addition to the wedding ceremony, we will also show you a local restaurant where you can relax and a comfortable well café.

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